Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kids' Wall Decor

Welcome to Dimples Decor! I sell fun wall hangings for your child's room. Here are the items I have available so far. Be sure and check back soon. I have lots of ideas to share! Each square below is a 9"x9" piece of wood. The ladybug is a single square, and the bug trio and train are three 9"x9" squares to hang together. Prices are listed below each piece. Just e-mail me your order! Thanks for stopping by! Shipping is $7.00 for your first item plus $2.00 for each additional item.

dimply bug $20

dimply bug trio $37
three 9"x9" squares


  1. you are SO great!!! i love the logo, i love the wall decor, and i'm so proud!!!!

  2. Those are fantastic! I will check back in on your blog when I am decorating our kids' new rooms!

  3. Fabulous things!! Right stuff for kids room wall decoration!!